About Us


I'm Jason and I operate Raven Mech.  Raven Mech is a (very) small wire-processing workshop and would like to offer my services.

The products on the website offer are examples of the work Raven Mech can accomplish.

Raven Mech's goal is to provide various hobby communities with quality processed wire products.


  • Wire Types
    • PVC Wire 16 - 32 AWG (I only use wire sourced from professional sources.  Made-in-China is fine, but I only buy from trusted North American distributors)
    • PTFE Wire 20 - 28 AWG (I only use mil-spec wire with traceable source from industrial spools.)
  • Molex Microfit: 20-30 AWG crimped, up to 10,000 pieces monthly.
  • Molex SL: 20-30 AWG crimped, up to 1,000 pieces monthly.
  • JST XH: 22-30 AWG crimped, up to 10,000 pieces monthly.
  • JST PH: 24-32 AWG crimped, up to 1,000 pieces monthly.
  • General / Generic Connectors, up to 1,000 pieces monthly.
    • ferrules
    • spade, fork, ring, bullet, etc connectors
  • 16 - 32 AWG cut wires, up to 10,000 pieces monthly
    • Length: 0.10m to 3.00m, +/- 1%
    • Bundled by quantity or Bulk
    • Partial strip (scored insulation for easy removal)
    • Full strip (generally not recommended due to wire corrosion or tarnish in transit)
    • No strip (simple wires cut-to-length)
    • Crimped - one or both sides per capabilities
  • Printed Heat-Shrink Labels
    • Black on White printed labels
    • White on Black printed labels (premium cost due to ribbon expense)
  • 3d-printed cable combs
    • Our design can be adapted to any harness we make and installed during assembly (It helps keep things organized during production and can be helpful to leave on after.)
    • Cable comb design and printing services are available.
  • Connectors
    • Branded connectors matching the crimp types above.  We can provide connectors with crimped wires in bulk or kitted per specifications.
    • We can provide loaded connectors. Due to labor cost this is recommended only if necessary.
    • We utilize LCSC to source connectors when possible.  As long as you pair our crimped wires with matching branded connectors, we don't care how they're sourced.  (Please avoid 'compatible' versions of branded wire products as they are sometimes partially or fully incompatible with branded items.)
  • Cable Harness Assembly
    • See example(s) in store for an idea of our capabilities.
    • Limited availability due to labor and setup costs.


  • Connector types not listed above require a non-refundable order deposit sufficient to offset equipment, material, and labor cost.  Equipment cost ranges are:
    • Large Quantity work (anything above 1,000 pieces) requires appropriate tooling, which is generally between $3,000 and $10,000 per connector type.
    • Low Quantity work requires professional hand-tools, which generally cost $500 to $2000.
  • Ribbon and Flat-Type Cables: These require entirely different equipment and experience than discrete wires, so we are unable to help.
    • Cable Harness Assembly
      • This is limited to relatively low quantities, but must be regular enough to justify the cost associated with developing the assembly and testing process unique to each harness design.
      • We consider ourselves a good option for the step between diy and contracting services from a large firm that complies with industry specifications, assuming we are otherwise appropriate.
    • Industry specifications
      • We do not claim or presume to meet any industry specifications.
      • Our work is on professional equipment, but lacks the testing that is required for use in industry.  Raven Mech products can not be used in situations where failure puts life or property at risk.
    • Liability: User assumes all risk associated with use and application of any products provided.