2024-06-26 Updates / News

June 26.

Check Armchair and Voron discords for discount codes good thru June 30.

MDPC cable sleeve samples are incoming.  While supplies last and by request, I'll add sleeve non-canbus toolhead cables at no extra cost.

  • Shade-19
  • Carbon-51
  • Blue-Carbon 
  • Orange Oxide
  • Code Red
  • Carbon White


To Do List:

  • Heat Shrink...
    • Print samples in all available sizes
    • Photograph samples
    • Complete listings for printed heat shrink
  • Improve photos!
    • Overall, photos are not great.
    • Some items are using duplicate photos.
  • Fix/complete Voron Builds
    • Two builds are in-progress... just need the time and focus
    • One build needs full movement rebuild.
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