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PVC Wire, Pre-Cut, Pack of 10 Pieces

PVC Wire, Pre-Cut, Pack of 10 Pieces

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Length (per piece)

Pre-cut PVC wire.


  • PVC: UL 1007 / UL 1569 / UL 1015.  All PVC wire stocked is rated by the wholesaler / manufacturer as having an upper operating temperature of 105°C.
  • Stranded 7 or 11 strands of tinned copper conductor with PVC insulation.
  • Each order is for 10 pieces of the selected length and size.
  • Color: Black, Red, or Gray.  Not selectable.
  • Minimum Length = Ordered Length.
  • Maximum Length = Ordered Length plus greater of 1.5cm or 2%.\
  • Custom Length: Contact us.
  • Packaging: Each bundle will be bundled separately.
  • Multiple Length Orders: Lengths will be noted.

Other Notes:

  • This is clearance wire I pick up when available in order to maintain on-hand wire.  I may consider regularly stocking specific color of wire if there is interest at prices sufficient to maintain stock of wire from US-based wholesalers.


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