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PTFE Cable Harness for Stealthburner PCB

PTFE Cable Harness for Stealthburner PCB

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Made with Voron 2.4 and Trident models in mind, but the cable doesn't really care.  This will work similarly well on other printers using this toolhead board.

LENGTH (minimum recommendation)

Bed Size Cable Chain Install Umbilical Install
2.4 250 1.9m 1.6m
2.4 300 2.3m 1.9m
2.4 350 2.3m 1.9m
Trident 250 1.9m 1.6m
Trident 300 1.9m 1.6m
Trident 350 2.3m 1.6m

* Feedback on length is appreciated.  These are estimates and should work, but if length-related challenges are encountered, contact us for a resolution.

Cable Harness - MCU to Toolhead PCB

This cable harness consists of 16 wires that run between a Stealthburner PCB and a Klipper-Capable MCU (Control Board).  Wires are combed, bundled, labeled, and terminated with signal wires ready to be populated into provided JST XH connectors per your install configuration.
*Toolhead PCB is not included.
*MCU is not included.

APPLICATION (Cable is designed for the below configuration.)

  • MCU End
    • Most MCUs are very similar and while this cable is made with the BTT Octopus in mind, few or no changes may be required to use it on other boards.
    • Signal Wires: JST-XH pins are crimped for all signal wires except LED and 5V, which use a dupont-style connector.  If you would like the LED and 5V crimped to JST-XH instead, let me know in comments.
    • Hotend-Enable (Hotend Negative):  Terminated with a ferrule.  It can be replaced with a fork connector, though the screw size and width of opening are necessary to ensure fit.  Without these, it's a best-guess situation that I may or may not get right.
    • Ground and 24V: Terminated with M3 Fork Connectors, 6.3mm (1/4") wide.  These can be replaced by request if the board requires ferrules.  
  • Cable Chain or Umbilical The cable is the same except for length.


The intended audience for this product has self-built at least one cable harness to some degree of success.  The knowledge gained through such effort is incredibly useful when it comes time to troubleshoot an electronic system.  Our post-sale support is limited to basic troubleshooting to ensure the harness is fault free.


  • Cables are properly combed, terminated, labeled, and tested!
  • This product is made from MIL-W-16878/4 Type E 19-strand 20 and 24 AWG wire from a US-based wholesaler.  This is actual specification wire, not a copy or approximation.
  • Molex Microfit 3.0 and JST XH terminations are made on a crimp press with calibrated terminal-specific tooling.  All other terminations are made with professional quality hand tools.
  • Heat-shrink labels are printed in-house on 3:1 heat shrink and ship un-shrunk.
  • Processed and assembled in Michigan, USA.

Product Support

  • Cable Harness is guaranteed for two years against failure excluding those related to installation:
    • Wire break at connector - this occurs when wires are not properly relieved of strain during installation.
    • Insulation damage due to cable installed in a non-neutral position in cable chain.  A cable installed improperly in a cable chain will experience excessive rubbing and a reduced lifespan.
    • Deformed insulation due to installation.  Insulation damage indicates damage or stress on the conductor and reduces the lifespan of a wire especially in a repetitive movement situation.  Prior to securing with cable ties, wrap the appropriate area in friction tape and do not overtighten.
  • We want customers to have a great experience with this cable harness and proper installation is paramount to that.  The above warrant exclusions help us all have a more positive experience.  If any such damage exists and is not due to installation, please contact us.
  • We are particularly interested in understanding product failures.  Please contact us even if a cable fails out-of-warranty.  We may be able to provide additional support, possibly in exchange for information and/or return of the affected product.
  • The main reason for the above exclusions is due to the possibility of printer designs and instructions that may not account for strain relief, bend radius limitations, or other factors having a significant impact on a cable's working life.
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