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Raven Mech

Cable - XOL PCB To Distro PCB, PTFE or PVC

Cable - XOL PCB To Distro PCB, PTFE or PVC

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Cable: XOL PCB To Distro PCB, PTFE or PVC

Toolhead End: Connects to XOL Toolhead PCB (PCB not included)

MCU / Electronics End: Connects to Annex Distribution PCB (PCB not included) or a second XOL Toolhead PCB (which is also suitable for distribution)


  • 20 AWG: 24V, Hotend, Ground
  • 24 AWG: All others.
  • PTFE Type: MIL-W-16878/4 Type E, 19-strand. Operating temp up to 200C.
  • PVC Type: UL1007/1569.  Operating temp up to 105C.
  • Color: Black
  • XOL PCB Info: link
  • Annex Engineering Store: link

ContactWarranty / Strain Relief Ramblings

*note, photo is wrong.  This version comes with both connectors installed.  I'll either add a separate listing for a version that's not fully assembled or you'll contact me before ordering for that option.  Either way...

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